Cowboy Boots: The Shoe With A Hundred Revivals

Cowboy Boots are back on Fashion's Radar again. Paired with playful Mini Dresses in Summer or as the ultimate Fall boot with Skinny Jeans - there is no denying Cowboy Boots are once again a Must Have this Fall season.

The Cowboy Boot as we know it today has gone in and out of fashion since the late 1940s. But these boots has been around for way longer. They were originally designed for true working cowboys aka American cattle-wranglers and were originally made to protect the foot and legs while riding on horseback and working in rough conditions.

Fashion woke up to a more refined version of the boot thanks to Marylin Monroe. The iconic Hollywood Blonde posed in a Valentine’s Day-themed photo shoot in a playful two-piece cowgirl suit - this inspired the Cowboy boots hype as costume wear throughout the next decades.

Princess Diana revoked the style with an aristocratic seal of approval in the late ‘80s. The then Fashion Icon wore it in an unusual informal outfit with a Baseball Cap and oversized blazer. Controversial at the time this outing was still responsible for another revival of the famous boots.

The New Millenium's Turn on Cowboy Boots came when Fashion It-Girls like Kate Moss and Sinna Miller made it their shoe of choice for Music Festivals - putting their Bohemian & Gypsy twist on the American Classic. The Cowboy Boots of that decade featured lots of contrasting stitching and super pointy toes.
This decade has seen a revival of cowboy boots taking them to a more minimalist and cooler level. Ready to slip into a cool and comfy pair of Cowboy Boots? 

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  • Lela

    Hi. Do you make large sizes? I need a 43.5. My feet are not wide, just long. Tall girls syndrome. At keast not as long as my SIL’s. She’s quite tall and needs a 45.

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