Essential Guidelines for Customer Returns

Today is 22 November 2023, the day before Thanksgiving. We are thankful for your support of our brand and wish you and a heartwarming  celebration with your loved ones.

Summarising and reviewing almost a year's work, of which returns are undoubtedly the most important and noteworthy. As we all know, international shipping is complex and challenging.

Returning a product can be a seamless process when done right. Here are some key considerations to ensure a hassle-free return experience:

Original Packaging Matters: When initiating a return, it's highly recommended to send the item back in its original packaging. This helps us assess the condition of the product and facilitates smoother processing.
Intact Packaging is Crucial: Ensure that the returned package is well-packed and free from any damages. This ensures that the product reaches us in the same condition you received it, preventing any additional complications.
Product Resale Readiness: For returned footwear, it's essential that the shoes remain in a condition that doesn't hinder our ability to resell them. This means the shoes should be free from significant wear and tear, allowing us to offer a quality product to the next customer.  

By adhering to these guidelines, you not only make the return process more efficient but also contribute to maintaining the quality of our products for all customers.



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