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shoesHandmade, Original Design, Genuine Leather.

Dwarves make high-quality, comfy handcrafted leather shoes for women. We specialize in casual daily walking shoes at a price everyone can afford. Our shoes are suitable for students, professional women, teachers, busy moms, expectant mothers, and anyone who loves soft comfortable footwear. We have been in business since 2012 and our website dwarvesshoes.com opened in 2017. From 2012 to 2023, We are here for 11 years. We pride ourselves on our integrity and the quality of our handcrafted shoes. We adhere to brand values and are trustworthy partners.

Dwarves, which has a deep meaning. In fantasy novels and games, Dwarves are often depicted as a race with strong willpower, courage, and skill, and they are particularly adept at crafting high-quality items. We chose "Dwarves" as our brand name because we want to convey our philosophy of making high-quality, durable, and comfortable women's shoes, and the word "Dwarves" in our view represents these qualities of resilience, craftsmanship, and quality.

www.dwarvesshoes.com is the only official site of "Dwarves" brand, We do not have any other site which sell dwarves shoes. There are many sites copy us, but they are not us. They can not copy our shoes quality and customer service.


We have boots, oxfords & tie, mary jane, loafers, flats, sandals, slippers, sneakers, wedges, platforms, pumps, large size shoes. We choose the best quality leather and finest waxed cotton thread to make each pair of shoes. Every item in our shop is handmade with care.

If you have special needs, please contact us, We would love to help you make your ideas come to life. We are willing to take the time to give you the best leather goods.

The comfort of our shoes is determined by the shoe last (mold for shaping shoes), leather quality, sole type, and the crafter’s experience. We choose the best leather for its thickness, gloss, and feel. We constantly optimize our shoe lasts so we can tailor our leather perfectly. Dwarves’ special soles ensure comfort and flexibility.  Each shoe is carefully created by an experienced craftsperson. You will find that our colors, the radian of our shoe heel and head, and the texture of our leather are quite different from many commercial brands.

We are grateful for the gifts of nature. We cherish the materials we use and try our best to make every shoe well and in a way that doesn’t waste leather.


Our Asian designer shop link: you will find the latest designs in this shop


Our Retail Store 1: base in OCT Shenzhen, China

dwarves shoes retail store

Our Retail Store 2: base in guangzhou, China

dwarves handmade leather shoes store



I am Sunny, the owner of Dwarves, Dwarves was started by 3 mothers in 2012. At my daughter’s first birthday party, I took the photo that began it all. There were 8 babies in the photo, the oldest was 20 months, and all the others were about 12 months. They were very like Snow White and seven dwarves, To commemorate this day, I opened a shoe shop named Dwarves. By 2016 the babies were 4 years old and going to kindergarten. This gave us more free time. We spent that time designing and working on our shoe business.

I was a shoe designer for 7 years before I was a mother. I create my own designs and spend time communicating with the best handicraftsman in China to bring you the best handmade shoes.  My friend, Andy is responsible for customer service and Judy is responsible for shoemaking. We will always try our best to improve the quality of our shoes and offer the best customer service. Our goal is to offer the most comfortable handmade leather shoes at an affordable price. This will never change no matter what difficulties we may face.


The quantity on hand of each style is limited.  If you see "out of stock" please do not be unhappy.  if we have the materials we will start production right away, and you will be wearing your beautiful shoes soon.

Because shoes have so many styles, sizes and colors, it is not a standard product, sometimes customers have special request, So It is very hard to keep large inventory to local storehouse. We stock leather and various auxiliary materials.


Marketing is complicated, especially when it comes to discounts. If some customers get the discount and some do not, we feel it is inequitable. Instead of discounts, we have chosen to give you the lowest price we can every day, so no need to wait for a discount.
We give up most of the marketing behavior and focus on products. We hope we can use our limited energy to offer more styles for choice and more comfortable shoes.

Below are the long-term discounts We offer:

A,We have a bonus plan for order from $200+

$8 Off on Orders Over $200

 The discount is automatic when you place an order over $200

B,We have an affiliate program

8% Commission and 2% Off Special Coupon to refer your friends

Production Processes

Each pair of handmade leather shoes has gone through about 30 production processes before it leaves China.  Below are some examples:

Design drawing


 The material preparation

shoes making

Cutting and sewing,Sole fixing, Grinding color...

shoes making

dwarves handmade process

After the shoes come out from the studio, we still need to take photos and packing


Above are Some records for dwarves handmade leather shoes. All the photos are belong to dwarves, anyone want to share please kindly let us know. We are just a small team and do not good at marketing and website technology. But we will try our best to learn and make the most comfortable shoes, the goal will never change.