handmade leather Shoes For Women

Soft Leather

221 winter boots for women221 winter boots for women
2021 Design

Handmade Boots

Size From US5 to US11.5

All the leather items are choose the best quality leather and finest waxed cotton thread to make. Each of items in my shop is made with care. Our goal is to offer the most Comfortable handmade leather shoes, It will never change No matter we will face any difficulties.



Shoes Last, leather Material. Sole and Manual Experience Determines the Comfort of the SHOES. Choose the Best Leather from Thickness, Gloss and Feeling. We've Had a Lot of Typography Adjustments Before We Tailoring the Leather And Constantly Optimize the Shoes Last . Dwarves Special Soles Ensure Flexibility Each Shoes Fixed by Experienced Craftsman . If you Watch Carefully, Will find that The color of Line.the radian of the heel and head.the texture of leather all are Different from many brands.

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