The Best Way To Care For Your Leather Shoes

The Best Way To Care For Your Leather Shoes

If you own one or more pairs of leather shoes, then you have certainly asked yourself: “what can I do for protecting my leather shoes?”. These shoes are very sensitive to water and chemicals, as leather can be easily damaged. However, there are several ways to take care of your leather shoes without having to spend a little fortune. Having said that, here you will find 5 simple and efficient ways to protect your leather shoes and keep them clean and nice in the long run:



  1. Avoid Water At All Costs!


No matter how strange this sounds, water is certainly the no.1 enemy for leather shoes. This is why it is highly recommended to apply a water repellent before you wear them – this way, they will not get dirty or stained if water reaches the leather. It is almost impossible to prevent them from getting wet over the years, but if you use a repellent you will at least minimize the damage.

  1. Moisturize Your Shoes Constantly

If you want your shoes to look new, then moisturizing them on a constant basis is the secret. Leather is similar to human skin, and it needs proper care from time to time. If you moisturize your shoes regularly with high-quality leather conditioner, they will get a nice, light shine and they will also feel very pleasant to the touch.

  1. Be Careful When Using Polish

If you plan to use shoe polish, then you must choose a polish color that is identical to your shoe color, otherwise you risk to get them stained – for good! Shoe polish is an essential part of the leather shoe care process, and it is highly recommended to use a cream based polish when you want to clean them. Do not overdo it, though, as this might affect the quality and texture of the leather, as well as the aspect.

  1. Choose The Right Protectant For Your Shoes

Despite the fact that there are countless waterproof products for leather shoes, not all of them meet the needs of your shoes – this is why you must choose the most suitable one. You must keep in mind that different weatherproofing products serve different purposes. A beeswax product is certainly better than a protective spray, especially if you use your shoes in wet or messy conditions. Besides, another advantage of beeswax products is that they do not get absorbed into the leather, they stick to the surface for a long period of time.

  1. Care For The Laces Separately

Last, but not least, leather shoe laces need special care and you must remove them before using any shoe care product, as they might be affected. If they are worn out, it is better to replace them than to clean them.

Drive to Tibet--The Nearest Place to Heaven

Drive to Tibet--The Nearest Place to Heaven

Tibet--The Nearest Place to Heaven,This travel is the dream of chinese. The Qinghai-Tibet Plateau is the world's highest plateau, averaging over 4000 metres above sea level and covering an area of 200,000 square kilometres. This May my husband and me get what we have desired for years.We spent 17 days Drive  from Chengdu to Lhasa,and Lhasa to Lanzhou,The whole journey about 5000 kilometres. The journey shock us and Gave us a lot of inspiration.

The First Day

We traveled  by plane from shenzhen to chengdu.  The air was full of Hot pot ,The whole city was full of delicious food in my eyes.oh my god,People here are wild about food and crafts and have a special habit " drinking tea". The city have the history of several thousand years.Here you will feel relaxing.


We only moved 300 kilometres. We met the Traffic jam.We had to Cancell the Hotel we booked and made us enjoy ourselves wherever we were.

Drive to Tibet


Day 3

We used 3 hours to pass the The snow capped Zheduo mountains. we were 4230 metres above sea level and felt a little dizzy and strange because of Oxygen deficiency.We met people Riding to Lhasa and begin to admire their courage.then we arrived Xinduqiao, It is a A rich and beautiful place and has Self driving camping site.We Tasted Buttered tea.

Drive to Tibet

Wait for updates

Day 4 , we were 4500 metres above sea level  and we used to the Oxygen deficiency.we went Through the world's largest ancient glacier site.

Drive to Tibet--The Nearest Place to Heaven

Day 5,We were in inagi aden,and  Walking for seven hours arrived Milk Sea.It seems that we can touch the sky by our hands.

Drive to Tibet--The Nearest Place to Heaven